Our commitment to the common good

Every year we measure our contribution to each of these objectives by drawing up anImpact report, through which our annual improvement plan is defined.


Petruzzi Srl is a Benefit Company

Petruzzi has always seen the internal and external environment in which it operates as part of a unicum to be safeguarded in all its aspects, which is why in 2022 the company became a Benefit Company, a new legal form of business introduced in 2016 in Italy , the first country in the world after the United States.

benefitCommon good

To adopt this model, we have formally sanctioned our commitment in our statute, adopting the municipality also the following purposes of common benefit, in addition to the traditional one of generating:

  • safeguarding and recovery of natural resources, using energy from renewable sources as much as possible, reducing any emissions of climalter gases and compensating for residual emissions;
  • support of the local economy, giving residence to local suppliers and candidates in the vicinity of the registered office;
  • offering our workers the best possible conditions, through forms of well-being, supplementary healthcare and training opportunities;
  • support for pro-bono initiatives, projects and local associations that aim to provide benefits to the community.

sustenibilityReport the impact

Every year we measure our contribution to each of these objectives by drawing up anImpact report, through which our annual improvement plan is defined. To To measure and report the impact reported in the Report, we chose the Benefit Impact Assessment (BIA), an international benchmark developed by the US non-profit body B-Lab, with the immediate aim of obtaining the prestigious B-CORP sustainability certification.


Petruzzi Srl has obtained FSC certification since 2009.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC defines standards based on recognized principles of responsible forest management which are supported by active environmental, social and economic operators.

The FSC Chain of Custody guarantees the traceability of materials coming from FSC certified forests and is essential to be able to apply FSC labels on products. Thanks to this certification we can guarantee the market about the origin of the paper used for our products and therefore demonstrate our active contribution to responsible forest management in a correct, transparent and controlled manner.


Petruzzi Srl also obtained PEFC Certification in 2022.

The PEFC ™ certification (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) identifies products that contain wood or cellulose from properly managed forests and the Chain of Custody allows the Certification Body to reconstruct the history of the product and of the its raw materials by the end user up to the certified forest.

The PEFC Chain of Custody is a company-wide traceability system used for all phases of wood processing and distribution; this system guarantees that the flow of incoming materials meets the requirements established by the certification scheme and requires that no wood from controversial sources enters the chain of certified products.


Download the code on which we base our work through the enhancement of the person and the reduction of environmental impacts.

downloadEthical code

Download the “charter” of moral rights and duties that defines the ethical and social responsibility of the Company and of each participant in its organization.


Petruzzi Srl has created this Environmental Management System (GSA) to better manage the environmental aspects of our operations.

download 100% green energy

Our company uses exclusively energy from renewable sources, with the aim of minimizing environmental impact.

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