Love for printing

Petruzzi Printing Industries is a valuable business partner: attention to details, customer care and precision are the essential principles that distinguish our company.

Always at the service of the best ideas

The customer is provided with graphic studio, pre-press, offset printing, anastatic reproductions, digital printing, all types of binding, mailing, warehouse and shipping management, ensuring a punctual service and the best quality – price ratio.

The training of its staff with updates managed by the best schools and by specialized consultants enhances the human factor which remains the vital core of every production process.



The prepress department is composed by a team of talented and passionate people able to support customers along every step of the printing cycle, from start to finish. We can guarantee the best service to the customer thanks to our advanced and cutting-edge technologies in which we constantly invest, along with the professional skills of our team with a decade of experience. The new CTP Amsky Aurora U1400+ has just arrived at Petruzzi Printing Industries, as an example of the company mission: invest and innovate both in software and hardware. Both innovation, technology and experience allow us to create a smoother and more efficient printing process, leaving no margin for errors.


The printing process is the core of our business, the production area has a footage of nearly 4000 square meters (43,000 square feet ca.) and growing. Training our operators is always been our main focus, and we had advanced training classes held by the best facilitators in the industries both nationally and internationally. The main production for our business is always been the large format (120×60) and that is the reason why we have five KBA 120×160 machinery in our printing room and one small format equipment KBA 120×160 along with other digital technology printers.


The bookbinding process is the last step of our book printing process and is just as much important to deliver a perfect result. We offer many different binding types: Cartonato, Brossura cucita, brossura fresata e punto metallico. Our business is dedicated also to this process using the most up to date equipments, in order to guarantee the best quality.


Our logistic department (made of 32 square feet ca. warehouse space) includes storage open space and heavy-duty moving equipment and manages our products from stocking the books to shipping them nationally and internationally. We strive to commit to the best service to our clients also in the delivery of the product.

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